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Clip-Its Plastic Grommets - for unfinished shade cloth

Clip-Its™ are a quick and easy new alternative to the old brass grommets. They can be used on virtually any type of screen or mesh type fabric and are easily installed right on site without special equipment. Clip-Its™ are made from 100% recycled plastic.

Buy clip-its to be used instead of brass grommets. Gives you the flexibility to decide the number and location of each grommet.

Shipping - Just $9.99 for your entire order.

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Item #




CL9500Clip-Its Plastic Grommets - for unfinished shade cloth$0.25
CL9525Clip-Its Plastic Grommets - pack of 25$5.75
CL9550Clip-Its Plastic Grommets - case of 300$75.00  $59.99