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87% Grey Shade Cloth

With our KNITTED Shade Cloth you get it all!

The professionals on our sewing production team can customize panels for you in any shade percentage. We use #4 brass grommets and 2 3/4" reinforcement tape. The taped edges are double stitched for extra holding power. Our knitted shade cloth is made from 100% UV stabilized polyethylene. Its unique lock stitch construction will not unravel. Its light weight and durability make it a superior choice for all types of shade applications.

  • Quality - Our shade fabrics are manufactured to exact specifications featuring tough, lockstitch construction. Our binding is a black seat-belt like material and is stitched to the entire perimeter of your shade cloth at no additional cost. Brass grommets are placed every 2 feet.
  • Price - We beat most shade cloth distributors by 20%. There are no hidden charges for grommets, binding, fabrication or custom sizes. Call us toll free at 1-866-727-6658 for a custom quote.
  • Convenience - we ship direct to you faster than any competitor. We stock all finished sizes up to 20x24 and all rolls up to 12 feet wide. Stock sizes ship out next day - custom orders take 1-2 weeks.

  • Order one of our most popular sizes from the list below - all are finished with edging and brass grommets every two feet.
  • Tell us what size you want and we will cut it to your specifications, including edging and grommets. Call us at 866-727-6658 or email us at info@catalogclearance.com.
  • Purchase the cloth unfinished CL8750 - without taped edges or grommets. Your cloth will be 12 feet wide and the length will be determined by the number you put in the quantity field. Please enter the number in feet. You will receive ONE piece of unfinished shade cloth with the width determined by the product number and the length as specified in the quantity field. Order our Clip-Its CL9500 to secure your cloth.
Shipping - Just $9.99 for your entire order.

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Item #




CL870087% Grey Shade Cloth - 12'x10'$79.99
CL871087% Grey Shade Cloth - 6'x6'$34.99
CL870687% Grey Shade Cloth - 6'x8'$39.99
CL870187% Grey Shade Cloth - 12'x12'$84.99
CL870287% Grey Shade Cloth - 12'x18'$119.99
CL870387% Grey Shade Cloth - 12'x20'$134.99
CL870487% Grey Shade Cloth - 12'x24'$159.99
CL870587% Grey Shade Cloth - 20'x24'$249.99
CL874887% Grey Shade - Unfinished - 6'x100' Roll$225.00  $174.99
CL874987% Grey Shade - Unfinished 6' width - enter desired length in quantity box$3.99
CL875087% Grey Shade - Unfinished 12' width - enter desired length in quantity box$6.99
CL875187% Grey Shade - Unfinished - 12'x100' Roll$446.99
CL9500Clip-Its Plastic Grommets - for unfinished shade cloth$0.25
CL9550Clip-Its Plastic Grommets - case of 300$75.00  $59.99