Knitted Shade Cloth

What's the Difference?

Woven is constructed from woven polypropylene. It is about 30% heavier than knitted and typically costs about 30% more. The lifespan is about 10-12 years. Woven is more plastic looking than knitted and has a distinct grid of horizontal and vertical lines.

Woven cloth does have two major drawbacks. It is only available in black and will unravel if a hole occurs. Primary application is for greenhouses.

Knitted is made from knitted polyethylene and has an expected life of 7-10 years. More cloth-like to the look and feel and has threads running in various directions. Due to the construction, it will not unravel if cut or if a hole occurs.

We sell about 95% knitted due to the variety of colors and strength of the fabric. Hundreds of uses including back yard shade, windbreak, deer fencing, aviary and carports.

30% Black Shade Cloth

40% Black Shade Cloth

SilviShade 45% - FANTASTIC SALE

40% White Shade Cloth

50% White Shade Cloth

50% Black Shade Cloth

60% Green Shade Cloth

60% Black Shade Cloth

65% Ultra Tan Shade Cloth

70% Black Shade Cloth

80% Black Shade Cloth


80% Black and Tan Shade Cloth

87% Grey Shade Cloth

87% Green Shade Cloth

87% Desert Sand Shade Cloth

87% Ivory Shade Cloth

90% Black Shade Cloth

Desert Festival Shade Cloth

Bungee Balls

Clip-Its Plastic Grommets - for unfinished shade cloth

Batten Tape

Brass Grommet Kit - Includes 12 grommets

Zip Ties